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What is is the first trading robo in Indonesia that aims to revolutionize the way millennials invest. trading application is made for you investors who want to increase the productivity of their investment. Investors who want maximum results with minimal risk.

How works? is an application. Robot does not accept money in any form and is only a robot that is connected to your account.

Our robot is based on an algorithm that has been historically tested and has statistical evidence used to support our investment hypothesis.

Our robots work systematically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to monitor market movements and choose the best investment opportunities. You can use our robot by downloading the application on Google Playstore.

Why should I invest with offers innovations for investors who do not have the time to continuously monitor market conditions. Our Robo trading works automatically 24 hours a day without stopping, so you can buy and sell your fund without having to continuously monitor the market.

Will I receive profit if I use does NOT promise any form of benefits to users. However, can increase your investment productivity and minimize the risk of each investment.

What are the advantages of

Work for 24 hours. Special for those of you who have a lot of activity, monitors market movements 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Everything is done automatically, structured, comfortable and easy for you.

Data-driven. Trading can involve your emotional side, takes trading decisions and investments based on data. Robot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to select the best coins and determine the lowest entry price based on fundamental analysis and complex technical analysis.

Consistency and Precision. never promises profit, our robot is made using proven algorithms so that it can consistently increase the chances of victory and minimize risk when trading.

About App

How to use application?

You can download the application on Google Playstore.

How to use our trading application:

  1. Download the app on Google Playstore.
  2. Create a account through the application.
  3. Connect your API exchange with the account that was created.
  4. Activate the robot on the application.

Who can use application?

Users who are 21 years old or have been married or have been approved by their parents/guardian, have an email address and telephone number.

What is needed to have a account?

You only need an active telephone number and e-mail address to register in

I often read about fraud on behalf of trading, how can I trust my exchange account with

The trading application does not accept money directly but is only a robot connected to your account. has access to read trade and conduct trading transactions based on your agreement but does not have the right to issue money or assets from your account So that your money or assets remain safely stored in your account.

What is the minimum balance for using the application?

You must have funds of at least 160 USDT to be deposited with Binance Exchange which will then be integrated with the application.

What are the Exchange that can be connected with

Currently, can only be connected with Binance Exchange.

Can I connect 1 API address on different devices?

Yes, you can connect the same API address on multiple devices with the same account.

Can I stop the robot at any time in application?

Yes, you can stop the robot whenever you want. You just simply press “disconnect robo” in the application.

What is the default allocation per transaction in the application?

The allocation per trade in the application is 12.5%.